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I've happly just gone from a total of 6 birds (3 banties, 3 LF 1 cockerel) to 2 hens and I'm asking for advice about building a new flock.

My two hens are Copper Marans and lay very tastey eggs. I'd like more hens which lay a quality egg and was thinking of getting a pair point of lay hens this year and maybe another pair in a years time. I was thinking that staggering their ages I'll also be staggering their reduction of egg production in their senior years.

Is it fine to buy point of lays mid winter?

Which breads give tasty eggs?

Is it worth staggering the age of hens or will that just happen due to losing one or two?


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Barry McAleer
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Its ok to buy hens at any time of the year as long as you have facilities to keep them.

The best breeds are the classic breeds like the Sussex, Rhode Island Red, Maran or any standard hybrid hens like Bluebelle or Blackrock etc. the quality of the egg depends on how the hen is reared like if its free ranging and been fed on corn etc thats what i do and the yolks are a deep orange to red colour, very tasty.

You can stagger the hens but you will probably notice a pecking order coming through because of age unless you have a cockerel with them.

Hope this helps you Gavin


Barry McAleer

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Madden's Poultry
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Silkies produce a new tasty egg. My silkies have a really dark yolk in the egg aswell!!


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