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Edward O'neill
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Hi all, just signed up. My family has had poultry in past,  now Ive got a bit more time to spend with my father we would like to get into the poultry as a hobby only. Its to help and spend some time with my father who is rercovering from an illness. 

No more than 5-10 birds for laying only, would like any suggestuions on a traditional Northern Ireland breed to start with.

Many thanks

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Chicken Kiev
Posts: 11

Leghorns are generally good layers. Not sure how traditionally northern irish they are tho.

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Barry McAleer
Posts: 19

I would recommend Light sussex, Maran or welsummer for a first timer!!

I started with welsummers, they are docile and lay lovely large terra-cotta eggs.

I currently keep Marans, they are a nice breed but are flighty (break-out) alot, not ideal if u live in a town etc.

If your after bantams, i would definately recommend sablepoots, they are very calm and docile, lay nice eggs in mass quantity but are rather small.

hope this helps.


Barry McAleer

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Madden's Poultry
Posts: 20

I started out with silkies, great for first timers very docile birds. They lay well mine laid through out the winter. Silkies are also easy to keep so wouldn't need a lot of work to be done to them.

Contact me if you want any other info on Silkies 


Specializing in Show Quality Silkie Bantams- 3 colours (White, Black and Gold)

Contact Madden's Poultry on 07514221292

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