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Hi im looking to start hatching eggs and trying to find somewhere local that sells fertile eggs can anyone help or point me in the right direction please as new to this :) Thank you in advanced x

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Madden's Poultry
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Hi there I have some fertile eggs for sale if your interested 

Here is a list of the breeds i have, you can mix the eggs up if you want some of each!

Miniature White Silkie (John Irwin, Jordon Mclean, Jack Ferguson line)


Miniature Black Silkie (Pete Lawerance line)


Miniature Gold Silkie (Ni and English line)


White Pekin (Billy Wilkinson line)


Specializing in Show Quality Silkie Bantams- 3 colours (White, Black and Gold)

Contact Madden's Poultry on 07514221292

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Banty man
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black pekin white tail japs and black miniature silky hatching eggs my number 07816537995
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Hi Banty, Where abouts are you and what do you have at the minute.
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Anne B
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Hi Leah, I have some buff polish frizzle hatching eggs for sale. having 100% hatch on the ones I have incubated. Lovely, characterful birds with great markings. Donaghadee area 07552617033
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