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Can anyone tell me where, near Belfast/Lisburn, I can get  5L of the Smite Professional Control?

I was only able to find the Read to Use, which is as very expensive way of buying the stuff.

Also, I've just treated my coup for the first time due to mites appearing. How long does it take for the bloody things to stop crawling, as spraying them with the Smite just seems to bring them out of there hinding places. Does it take 24-48hours for them to dry up and die?

Thanks, Gavin.

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owl hen
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not sure where you would buy it up north, mceion s, in dingle sell it,but dont know how dear it would be to have it sent up.

if i have a dose of mite, i use smite in a pressure spray,(on jet), an zap every nook an cranny, yes they do come out an die off, but to make sure,i spray again in 6 days, an then totaly wash out with bleach, repeat every 7/10 days for a month, an then once a month.

careful useing it, as some dropped on my head from the roof after spraying ,an after a few days the hair in that spot started to fall out!, its grown back now, but always use gloves,googles,hat, when spraying,an wash off any drops that get on your skin at once.

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Thanks for the reply.

I've sent away for some, only finding the ready to use stuff locally.(pet warehouse hillsborough) a good shop but didn't have the cost effective quantity.

Good to hear how you treat every month regardless. I've sprayed and cleaning twice, I have sat back and they are re-appearing. I'll just have to keep at and treat every month as you do.

Thanks again.

I'm looking for Diatomaceous Earth in the Lisburn area?

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Just to close this thread, I got a big bin of Diatom from the postman (internet) and spreading this around the coup, which has rid the coup and chicken of the mites. I cleaned every 5 days for a couple of weeks and was supprised at just how effective the Diatom is.
I've just cleaned the coup after not touching it for a month and have found no sign of the mites. As Owl Hen suggests I'll keep cleaning now once a month but I'm happy I have them undercontrol if I've not got rid of them completly.

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