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Cheep, Chirp, Cluck!
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Hello everyone.

 What does everybody own???

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NI Rare Breeds
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Hi Fav


I keep

La Bresse Gautolise

La Bresse Noir

Indian Game

Gold Brahmas

Gold Hamburgs

White call ducks.

Adding few more rare birds this year Ayam Cemani and Augsburgers. Eggs coming from Germany.  


Brahma Gold & Lemon, Lavender splash Cochin, Chocolate Wyandottes (Bantam) and Irish Pit Game

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large old english game and silkies

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The Chicken Ranch
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i keep welsh black fowl

orpingtons various colours

chocolate wyandotte bantams

a few silkies and pekins

and theres probably a few more  kicking around the place??  regards steve.


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