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Planning to buy 3 Rode Island Reds (POL) this week.

Do any of you know where i can but Layer's Pellets for a good price in (near) Belfast?

Oh and im looking to buy a bale of straw as well, any ideas?

Thank you, Paul:D

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Hi Paul, I know Pets at Home sell layers pellets they are about £10 for a 20kg bag, pretty new to this myself so not sure if this a good price but they are close by.:)

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cottage birds
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Hi if you try local animal feed merchant for poultry food, much cheaper than pet shops

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Scotts poultry (Ryan Scott)
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look in the farming life there is straw for sale in it


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Hillcrest poultry
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i would agree with Cottage birds, would stay away from pet shops they are far far too dear for feed

there will be lots of animal feeds suppliers, if you look in the phone book you will be able to see what animal feed suppliers are near you..


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Anybody know of anywhere near belfast to get layers pellets? Have looked doesnt seem to be anywhere in belfast.

Thanks all for you replies, Paul :D

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J's Orpingtons ( Jacob Hall )
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Paul at November 20, 2011 at 4:26 AM

Anybody know of anywhere near belfast to get layers pellets? Have looked doesnt seem to be anywhere in belfast.

Thanks all for you replies, Paul :D

Is there any Joylloes round belfast?  If so go there.


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Emma Moulds
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Dont go to Jollies they charge a fortune for everything! :|

Not sure which side of belfast your from but a quick trip down the motorway to lisburn, Sam McConnells is an agricultural merchart about 3/4 of a mile out the glenavy road theres 3 in lisburn but Sam has the best prices.

He charges around #8 a bag jollies charge 10.99 in saying that if you can find one closer to you would make sense as you would waste it on petrol money lol unless you plan your trip around going somewhere else 8)

If you need directions give me a pm :)

Emma x


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I would be more concerned about wanting the straw... 

Do you intend to use it as bedding for the hens? If so, its not a good idea. It holds damp and will turn to mould in a very short time (as quick as 2-3 days), leading to repisrtatory issues with the hens. 

Buy yourself a bale of shavings from a farm supplier, or even in smaller packets from pet stores. You wont need very much for each laying box, so its not like its going to cost a fortune even if you do choose to buy it in smaller quantites. That said, a full bale will cost around £6 and last 6 months+ for a few hens. 

What sort of a coop do you have in mind for the hens? Are you buying or building 1? Either way, ventilation is of the utmost importance, while not creating a draft which will cause the chickens to get a chill...

Your in the right place for info, so if there is anything your unsure of, just ask away.

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