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I'm selling a 6'x3' chicken ark built to my own design. ~ £120

I've been keeping chickens in the back garden for a few years now and have built a few different designs, tweaking and changing things as I go. Building my coops is as much a hobby as keeping the chickens! this ark is designed as a back garden coop to keep a few chickens safe while the owner is at work, then they can be let out to roam, (a good way of protecting prized flowers from inquisitive beaks).

The frame is made from tanalised 2"x1", treated with wood preserver, the box is made from 12 mm weatherboard and painted with cuprinol Garden shade "willow".


The wire is 18 gauge "rabbit wire" with 31 mm mesh, not cheap chicken wire, making this reasonably predator resistant. (As tested by our spaniel who "loves" chickens). Being compact and reasonably light the ark is easily moved about the lawn, reducing the parasitic load in the run area and making it unattractive to rodents.


The pop door is hinged from the top and is actuated by a nylon cord from the back for ease of operation, it is elasticated to prevent chickens pushing their way out.


Inside the box is roosting space for up to 3 medium sized birds (or up to 4 bantams), and a nesting box for egg laying, this can be accessed by the egg door or by removing the access door. Everything inside the coop is easily removable for cleaning purposes.


A hook for hanging a drinker is installed.


If you have any questions feel free to comment and i'll try to asnwer as quick as possible.


Kind regards,



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Posts: 13

some pictures once i figures out how to import them to here...


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